Friday, April 19, 2019
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. . . And Results In Significant Cost Reductions
Completing the analysis of spending patterns is just the beginning. Using comparative analyses, industry accepted "Best Demonstrated Practices" and other tools, alternatives to current activities are identified and assessed for financial impact and feasibility.

Only clinically appropriate, financially significant changes are recommended for adoption by the organization.

Client Health System Cost Reduction Plan Summary
  Focus Area Description Savings  
  O.R. Action Team Resusable Conversions, Implant Management $897,027  
  Specialty Beds Bed Utilization Management 317,853  
  Parenteral Therapy Standardized Administration, Sets and Practices 228,009  
  Critical Care Action Team Monitoring Utilization Management 115,967  
  Med-Surg Action Team Product Standardization 575,726  
  Perfusion Services Standardize Products, Sources for Disposables 340,000  
  Linen Action Team Linen Utilization, Management Protocols 25,140